On out second day in Sapa, we decide to rent a scooter for the day and explore the surrounding villages. First, we visit the two most beautiful waterfalls in the area: the silver waterfall and the love waterfall. Then, as per our hostel host recommendation we ride to the Ta Phin village. To our surprise, they charge the tourists simply to drive past – but that’s okay because the views are magnificent!

We then spend a lot of time looking for the abandoned french monastery that I have seen on some pictures. And after riding ALL the roads on the village – we finally find it! There is a little boy taking care of a couple of cows there that was very shy.

After such an eventful and amazing day, we come back to Sapa to enjoy a beer while contemplating the view.

Truly an epic day, watch the video:

First, we drive to two beautiful waterfalls we hear

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