If you are currently in Sarajevo and are looking for some urban exploring or simply a nice way to spend the day, I have the perfect recommendation for you: visit the abandoned bobsled track. It’s a unique experience full of graffiti and history as well as a great spot to take pictures so don’t forget your camera!

Here’s a guide of the best ways to get there:

1. Book a tour

It is by far the easiest way to get there. Book the Sarajevo Total Siege Tour and you’ll get to visit the abandoned bobseld track with a guide that will tell you everything you need to know. The upside is that the visit is included in a larger tour where you visit other places and learn a bunch about the siege of Sarajevo. It’s a total of 4 hours and you ride around Sarajevo in a mini van which is perfect when it’s too hot for a hike. The downside is that you’ll be on their schedule and will have limited time on the track. It will also be harder to take pictures without people in them.

2. Take a taxi

Call a cab and tell them you want to visit the abandoned bobsleigh track, they should know where it is. If they don’t, tell them to type “Apelova cesta” in the GPS. A one way fare is around 5$. Don’t forget to take a phone with you or ask the driver to stay there if you don’t plan to walk back to the city. You will be free to explore at your own pace and will save the time it would have taken you to hike all the way there.

3. Hike up the mountain

This is the way we went. Be aware that the hike up there is pretty steep and long (plan 1h30-2h) but you get to see the city from above from many different spots. The scenery is seriously beautiful. We also passed by a pretty cool cemetery on our way there and ran into some local kids. And the satisfaction of making it there is the greatest of all. If you plan to do that:

  • Wear comfortable shoes (don’t be an idiot like me and go in flip flops)
  • Take a bunch of water with you. More than you think you’ll need.
  • Open google maps on your phone
  • Don’t get off the roads (apparently, there are still unexploded mines in the mountains: don’t risk it)
  • Have fun and don’t forget to take pictures!

If you have extra time, I would definitely recommend the hike, it was loads of fun and we even met some people from the hostel on our way back! Organize a mini expedition on your own and you’ll have the best day ever.


Check out a couple pictures from our hike:


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