The airplane graveyard is getting an increasingly popular place to visit in Bangkok and for a reason: it’s AWESOME!

abandoned airplane

I’ve had trouble finding it with the information available on the internet the first time so I decided to write this post to help you find it and to have all the knowledge you need to make it a stress-free journey.

The Map


If only I had this map from the start, it all would have been so much easier! Here you go, now you can just click on “Get Directions” and be on your way. BUT WAIT! 

I have to warn you that google map’s info is not very reliable for the buses so unless you’re looking for an adventure or know exactly where you’re going, don’t risk it. You can take a taxi and show them the address but be warned of the crazy traffic in Bangkok and chose carefully when you plan to drive there.


The best way to get to the Airplane Graveyard

Here is a map for you!

Here is a map for you!


The best (and probably the cheapest) way to get to the abandoned planes that hide in Bangkok is to take the ferry. It’s very easy because you should get off at the last stop: Wat Sri Bunruang. Find the commuter ferries (called klongs) on Saen Seab Canal, the biggest canal in Bangkok. They start in the old city with a station called Phanfa Leelard and cross the whole city.

You fare will cost between 9-18 baht depending on where you got on. Also, everyone gets off the boat and switches to a boat parked in front at Pratunam Pier, just keep your ticket while you do it.

Once you’re at Wat Sri Bunruang, follow the map above!

How much to get in?


Honestly, reports of the price vary greatly on the internet but I can only speak of my own experience: we paid 200 baht. 

There are people squatting the property that ask for an entrance fee and I’ve heard people say it can cost from 100 to 500 baht. If you go, let me know in the comments how much you paid! I think the price varies depending on how much the people there need it at the moment.


Our experience getting there

We had quite an amazing day getting there and I made a video about it. You can skip ahead a couple minutes to get straight to the abandoned airplanes 😉 

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